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   So I guess the question you are asking is how can you name a band the Band of the Year when they didn't even have an official studio release? Was the live album that good? Well it is a pretty easy answer. Somewhere towards the end of 2002, Coldplay went from being just another British band that is labeled as a Radiohead & U2 wanna be to being one of the biggest bands in the world. From P. Diddy to Justin Timberlake, everyone was dropping Coldplay's name and saying how great the band is, and you know what, they are correct.

   Not just content to write your mindless pop song, Coldplay has something to say and while singer Chris Martin may be outspoken sometimes with his beliefs, it is nice to see someone who actually has something to say. Coldplay had hit single after hit single this year and toured in support of our 2002 CD of the Year, A Rush Of Blood To The Head. At the end of the year, the band stepped back into writing mode and is currently recording their third studio release, which does not have a confirmed street date. Do not be surprised though when Coldplay continues to make our list and contend for our Band of the Year honors year after year.