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The Arctic Monkeys


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   You gotta believe …

   It's really hard to know where to begin with the growing phenomenon that is The Arctic Monkeys. It's damn near a full-fledged craze in their native UK. Despite a very limited 7" self-release, the Sheffield-based quartet were already playing to hundreds of enthusiastic people a night, many of which already able to sing along to most of the set thanks to the proliferation of the band's demos across the internet. Alongside their brilliant post-garage melodic racket are young Alex Turner's refreshingly bullshit-free lyrics, weaving seedy and hilarious tales of Sheffield street-life through his Mike Skinner-smart smalltown jive.

   And then came the Domino UK single debut for "I Bet You Look Good On The Dancefloor" which fought off challenges from Sugarbabes and Robbie Williams to debut #1 on the UK singles chart. Not the "indie" chart, the national Top 40. Some say it was due to the band's dedicated fanbase fostered by dedicated touring. Some say it was the internet and the generous helping of said demos that had spread around the globe. But hell, maybe it's just because it's a cracking good song. Since it's resided in the Top 10 for over SEVEN weeks, it would lead one to believe that it's the latter.

   Anyhow, we've got a 10" out, a CD single & 12" for "When The Sun Goes Down" coming out February 14th, and select songs are available for download on iTunes here in the US. Just follow the links and therein shall lie the goods.