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Josh Todd Josh Todd
'You Made Me'

   A few years back, we touted young rockers Buckcherry as a band that mattered. While Creed may have been “deep” and U2 may be sensitive, Buckcherry reminded us that it was ok to be shallow. The Sunset-Strip style rock was bringing back an era that was a whole lot of fun, without just sounding nostalgic. Then it happened, inner turmoil set in and the band broke up. After a few years of biding his time, and jamming with the ex-Gunners (who ultimately picked Scott Weiland as their new frontman) lead singer Josh Todd finally found his new musical soul mates. Having answered an ad for a lead singer in a trade magazine, Todd is back with his new band, aptly named Josh Todd.

   You Made Me is the debut disc by this new, powerful quintet. Fueled by lead single, “Shine,” You Made Me is one of the strongest debuts that we have heard in quite a while and one that hasn’t found its way out of our CD player yet. You can tell the band has been together for some time as all that could be the strong point of the disc, the music. Josh Todd isn’t trying to sound like Buckcherry or any other band out there; they are just flat out rocking.

   There are many standout tracks on this disc aside from the hook laden first single “Shine.” “Mind Infection,” “Broken,” “Afraid” and “Circles” all leap from the disc and smack you in the face. The crowning jewel of the disc though has to be the closing track, “Lovely Bones.” As with Buckcherry, the times when Todd and company stray from the rocking assault, it really stands out and shines. Josh Todd put forth a killer debut disc, one that you should really take time to check out.


1. Mind Infection
2. Broken
3. The Walls
4. Flowers and Cages
5. Shine
6. Afraid
7. Blast
8. Burn
9. Circles
10. Straight Jacket
11. Slave
12. Wasted
13. Lovely Bones