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'The Fallout'

   Have you turned on a radio lately? What about MTV or even VH1? Well if you have, I guarantee that you have heard the band Default. You know the song, "Well this is not for real, afraid to feel/ I just had to fall, don't ask for more/ Not wasting my time, I wasted my time." Damn - you have to have heard the song, it is EVERYWHERE right now. Well these Canadian rockers now have the daunting task of following up their mega-single and fighting notion that they are the latest one-hit wonder.

    With their debut album The Fallout already certified Gold (500,000 copies sold), you could say that we here at the are a little late to check out the disc. You know what, your right, since we too thought that the clock had already started on Default…that is until we heard the second single "Deny." These Vancouver rockers have some serious skills.

    While "Wasting My Time" may be the most notable and catchy song, "Live A Lie" may be its best. Showing that they can write songs that are more than just riff-heavy songs, "Live a Lie" features some nice piano work and more vocal range from singer Dallas Smith. Other highlights include "One Late Night," "Somewhere" and the album closer "Let You Down." The one negative thing about the disc is many of the songs are the hard, crunching guitar led song. Now I love that as much as the next guy, but it does tend to make songs blend together. Not that that is a bad thing - hell AC DC has made a career of it.

    With their breakout year in 2001, and tour filled 2002 (including a spot opening for Bush), it looks like Default is set for a huge year and judging by The Fallout, they have laid the groundwork for a good career.


1. Sick And Tired
2. Deny
3. Wasting My Time
4. Slow Me Down
5. One Late Night
6. Seize The Day
7. Somewhere
8. Live A Lie
9. By Your Side
10. Faded
11. Let You Down