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Exit Elvis Tribe of Judah
'Exit Elvis'

    Exit Elvis absolutely explodes right off the bat. "Left for Dead" is that hit rock song just waiting to be released. With the big guitars of Leo Mellace and the programming of Steve Ferlazzo, you can tell though that Tribe of Judah is not your average rock band.

    With an ever-changing sound, TOJ moves between many different sounds and styles on the disc, led by the array of vocal effects used by singer Gary Cherone. From the picturesque "Ambiguous Headdress" to the rocking first single "Thanks for Nothing," TOJ cover all the musical bases and spectrums.

    The disc really shines though with rockers "No One," "Suspension of Disbelief," "My Utopia" and "Thanks For Nothing." Not resting on their laurels though, TOJ take a very big musical lead at the end of the disc with the rock-opera-esque title track, "Exit Elvis." This nearly 7 minute song is all over the board with acoustic guitars, violins, a woman singer, and a very impressive solo by Mallace to name a few. I was actually very surprised at the song, and more so that they were able to pull it off. I would love to check out a full disc like "Exit Elvis."

    The only real track that missed the point was "2+2." Featuring a little girl reciting a 45 second nursery rhyme written by Cherone, it just completely breaks the groove of the disc. While it catches your attention, I would have much rather another song.

    Exit Elvis is a great disc that you can just put on and let spin, not something I can say about too many discs. A great first step by a band that you can just see get better as the disc goes on. I expect a lot of good things from the Tribe of Judah in the future.


1. Left for Dead
2. No one
3. East of Paradise
4. Thanks For Nothing
5. Celibate
6. Ambiguous Headdress
7. In my Dreams
8. 2+2
9. Suspension of Disbelief
10. My Utopia
11. Exit Elvis