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Into the Now
Tesla rocks the TLA in Philly

   In what turned out to be the last Philadelphia show for the, Tesla came into the TLA and rocked it like it was 1988. Tesla really took the crowd back and put forth one of the best stage shows in a while with the smoke, lights, and lasers. It really made you realize what was missing in concerts today, as just the small theatric stuff had the crowd all pumped and energized as the lights dimmed and Tesla came to the stage, kicking off with the title track off their great new CD, “Into the Now.” After that, it was a steady mix of old and new, with the band really sounding as great as ever. The dual threat guitars of Frank Hannon and Tommy Skeoch were as powerful and impressive as any guitarists out today…and really made you miss the guitar solo (please come back solo, we miss you), Hannon and Skeoch controlled the stage.

   The highlight of the night though came towards the end of the set, when the band stripped down a bit with the acoustic cover, “Signs.” After that, it was right into “Little Suzy,” which led to the lighters being broken out for the always impressive “Love Song.” Is there a better song than “Love Song,” as by far seeing it live is up in my Top 10 of concert moments? I was done after that, no way anything could top that, but it did as the band launched right into the first single from their new disc, the terrific “Caught in a Dream.” After almost 20 years, these guys still have it and thank god that Tesla got back together and put out one of the better rock records of 2004.

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