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Flickerstick and rubyhorse rock the TLA

       On Wednesday July 18th, Flickerstick brought their unique form of rock to the TLA in Philadelphia. The question on many people's minds is an easy one. Do these guys have what it takes to outlast their current 15 minutes of fame? These loveable drunks took their time on stage to prove that they have the sticking power to be rock superstars.

   With three opening acts, it was clear that this concert could be a disaster. Strange thing though, they were all good! The most notable was the band that took the stage second, Ruby Horse. Taking songs from their CD, Have You Come?, this Irish band showed that they knew how to rock. Highlights of their set included, “Into the Lavender,” “Any Day Know,” and “Happy in the Sunshine.” It was interesting to hear all the bands get a very warm reception from the crowd.

   Finally it was time for the winner of VH1's Bands on the Run to hit the stage. With intro music from Willy Wonka (which people actually were singing along to) Flickerstick roared into set opener, and single, “Smile.” The crowd knew every word and was happy to sing it back to the band. “Beautiful”and “Got a Feeling”were next up as the band started kicking into high gear. The energy put forth by Brandin, Cory, Dominic, Fletcher, and Rex was incredible. The crowd seemed to be hanging on every word that the band uttered. “Telling all the World” was one of the few new songs that the band broke into.

    The band brought the show down a notch with “Sorry…Wrong Trajectory” which was a surprising since the audience knew every word. For a band that does not have a major record deal (one is on the way), everyone seemed to know every word. Other highlights included, “Execution by Xmas Lights,”which featured the amazing vocals of lead singer Brandin Lea, followed closely by a cover of Mazzy Star's “Fade into You.”

    The band put everything that had into every song which was very refreshing to see. They did not rely on a fancy stage show or elaborate pyro; they relied on what matters the most, the music. “Coke” and my personal favorite, “Direct Line to the Telepathic,” closed out the set. “Coke” being a could-be single, and “Direct Line…” once again showing off the band's artistic side. It was a terrific way to end the show…or was it?

   After a couple minutes off the stage, lead singer Brandin Lea once again returned to the stage. He came out to a big crowd reaction and quickly quieted the crowd. He wanted to personally thank everyone for coming to the show and for all the support that the band has received since the VH1 show had aired. He said that this was not something they did often, but he brought the band back on stage for one final song. “Hey or When the Drugs Wear Off” brought the energy to a new level and was the correct way to end the show.

    Fans lucky enough to stick around were in for another treat. The majority of the band hung out in front of the venue to sign autographs, take pictures, and generally just chat with their fans. It was refreshing to see how humble the band was at the attention that they were getting. No matter how late it got, no one complained, they continued to hang out. Finally the police busted up the love fest and cleared the street although many people joined the band in a corner bar to continue the festivities.

    All in all, it was a very good rock and roll show. The opening bands did their part to hype up the crowd, and did it well. So now back to the lingering question, will this band survive their 15 minutes of fame? If any of the bands from the VH1 show have any chance, I would put my money on this one. A great rock show, which I recommend catching them any chance that you get!

Scott Hamilton
Editor, EMPYRE Lounge

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