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   Is there anything better than doing a couple shots of Jägermeister at a bar when you are out with a couple friends? Usually the answer is no, but I have found an exception…a night out at The Jägermeister Music Tour featuring Breaking Benjamin, Systematic, Stereomud, and co-headliners (hed) Planet Earth & Saliva.

   With a show starting at 6:30, everyone knew they were in for a long night…some not realizing just how long it was going to be. To the dejection of many in the crowd, the show already was slated to start 1 hour late with last band Saliva not hitting the stage until 11:30PM…a long night indeed.

   After missing the first two bands conducting our exclusive interview with Saliva, we made it to the venue in time as Breaking Benjamin was walking onto the stage. With their debut CD, Saturate doing well on the modern rock charts and this being somewhat of a homecoming for the northeastern PA rockers, the crowd gave a big pop as the band launched into their set. I'm the first to say that I do enjoy their disc; it has been getting some heavy play in the office as of late. The crowd was popping big as Breaking Benjamin ripped off "Medicate," "Polyamorous," "Skin" & "Home."

   After a way too long set-change it was time for (hed) Planet Earth to hit the stage. By the reaction of the crowd it sounded as if this was the band a lot of the people were here to see. People were going nuts by the time the band launched into "Bartender," their hit song from 2001's Planet Earth…but that was nothing compared to when the band launched right into Bob Marley's classic "One Love." The rap/rock take on this classic had the energy exploding out of the Electric Factory, and had us ready to run home to check out their new release Blackout.

   With another way long set change, it was finally time for Saliva, now finally hitting the stage at a little past midnight. The now thinned crowd worked up as much energy as they had left when the sounds of "Click Click Boom" hit the air and the band charged onto stage. The first thing noticeable about the band is the sheer physical stature of lead singer Josey Scott. At probably 6'3", Josey is a big fucking dude on stage and just leads that physical presence to the band as all members were running around the stage. This is a band that has the stage presence that a lot of bands would kill for.

   Ripping through the set of material from Every Six Seconds & Back Into Your System, Saliva tried the best to get every drop of energy from the remaining fans. I was just impressed by the energy that the band was putting into the set and sheer presence that they had on stage. Highlights of the set included "Superstar," "Raise Up," "Weight of the World," "Always," "Your Disease" & the anthem "Pride," which brought a nice USA chant out of the crowd.

   What a great night the show was that was unfortunately hampered by the long set changes and the cramped sets. It would have been nicer to cut a band or two and let the bands get a better chance to put on their show. (hed) Planet Earth & Saliva expectedly were the stars of the show; it's just a shame that the full crowd was not there to see it. Its not a great sign for the headliners to go on so late on a Thursday night but Jägermeister really knows how to throw a party and here is hoping that we too can become part of the Jägermeister family, as it is the ONLY thing the staff of the drinks when it goes out. We highly recommend and suggest you do the same.

Scott Hamilton

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1. Click Click Boom
2. Superstar
3. After Me
4. Always
5. Dope Ride
6. Raise Up
7. Pride
8. Superstar 2
9. Musta Been Wrong
10. Weight of the World
11. Your Disease