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   Rusted Root is back with a new album, Live, showcasing the band at its best....live during the 2003 tour.One of our favorite bands, we decided to honor them with their very own Artist Essential, which was not a very easy task to say the least. We went through their entire catalog and picked out our favorite songs, the songs we think best fits the Rusted Root sound, although we came upon a very big problem....no way would it fit on 1 CD. So we had to make some very difficult cuts and Along with ITunes, you too can download our version of the Essential Rusted Root, just click on the ITunes symbol under each song.

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1. Ecstasy
Album: When I Woke
 The only way to start off the Essential Root collection. A live staple, this is a song just brimming with the Rusted Root sound. If this doesn't get you on your feet and moving, nothing will

2. Martyr
Album: When I Woke
 That intro guitar lick really burns and gets the track to a quick start. The song also accentuates the hidden gem of Rusted Root, the very tight background harmonies of Jenn Wertz, Liz Berlin, and Patrick Norman and the tight pocket of Norman and drummer Jim Donovan.

3. Lost in a Crowd
Album: When I Woke
 Ah the middle part of this track is where it is at. The band slows everything down before erupting into a big ball of energy. Live it is something to look back and see happening, just amazing as the crowd builds with anticipation of that moment and BOOM, there it is.
Lost in a Crowd

4. She Roll Me Up
Album: Rusted Root
 The only song to make the Essential collection from the self-titled third CD. This song jumps out due to the power drumming of Jim Donovan.
She Roll Me Up

5. Hands Are Law
Album: Welcome to my Party
 "Showcasing the improved writing skills of the band, the entire Welcome to my Party CD is a shining example of the great things to come from the band. "Hands are Law" is a song that just jumps out since it has all those great Root elements to it.
Hands Are Law

6. Welcome to my Party
Album: Welcome to my Party
 The title track to the great 4th CD. "Welcome" is a song that just jumps off the record (or live) and is just a standout track all around. "Welcome" is one of the best Rusted Root tracks.
Welcome to My Party

7. Circle of Remembrance
Album: Remember
 Coming from the under-rated Remember CD, "Circle of Remembrance" is a track that just continues to grow and get strong with every listen. The song just shines towards the end with the dueling vocals of Liz Berlin and Michael Glabicki.
Circle of Remembrance

8. Beautiful People
Album: When I Woke
 Frankly one of the prettiest songs in the Root catalog or any catalog for that matter. Numerous times live has it brought tears to the eyes of the crowd. Just a very hauntingly beautiful moment.
Beautiful People

9. Bullets in the Fire
Album: Remember
 Just like "Circles of Remembrance" this song really takes off towards the back end with the big swirling vocals "Wake Up...". Just amazing. A song never heard live, hopefully next time in Boston.
Bullets in the Fire

10. River in a Cage
Album: Remember
 Talk about beating the dead horse...this song is essential for the same reason as "Bullets" and "Circle." That slow building song that just pops at the end with full on vocals and harmony.
River in a Cage

11. Back to the Earth
Album: When I Woke
 Much like "Beautiful People," "Back to the Earth" is a natural show closer before bringing the energy of the encore. Starting with great percussion and chant, this song is just on another level live.
Back to the Earth

12. Sister Contine
Album: Remember
 Without a doubt, THE hidden gem of the Rusted Root catalog. This song is really highlight by the amazing vocals of Liz Berlin and features a rarity for a Rusted Root song, a guitar solo.
Sister Contine

13. Blue Diamonds
Album: Welcome to my Party
 Another smoking track off of the last studio album. This duet between Glabicki and Wertz is practically a CD stealer, and would be if not for the title track. The return of Wertz to the band is showcased in this track
Blue Diamonds

14. Cat Turned Blue
Album: Cruel Sun
 "Had to go with the original Cruel Sun version of this track due to the inclusion of the "All Along the Watchtower" lyrics. The band is amazing live, of course you have to go with the way the band plays this song live.
Cat Turned Blue

15. Food & Creative Love
Album: When I Woke
 A song that only recently has found its way onto the Essential Rusted Root collection. This song, another slow builder just erupts by the time the hook comes along....that great pause right before the song kicks up a notch. Some great harp playing is featured as well.
Food and Creative Love

16. Artificial Winter
Album: Welcome to my Party
  For Welcome, the band brought back the old staple and really kicked it up a notch. The guitar intro riff and percussion are just killer. Needless to say this is a great recreation of an older song from the Root catalog. The harmonies are tight as can be on this one.
Artificial Winter

17. Send Me On My Way
Album: When I Woke
  Along with ecstasy, the easiest song to put on the list. Nothing like two huge bookends to pull the Essential Rusted Root together.
Send Me on My Way