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• January 31

   We opened the year up with this show at the Avalon. Needless to say it was just sheer crazyness. From the props to the fake blood to the mayhem going on inside the Avalon. It was definitly an experience.
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• February 11
Alter Bridge & Silvertide

   Great show. The remains of Creed dust themselves off and got a singer who doesnt seem to be an arrogant prick. Philadelphia's Silvertide launched a scorching opening set and at one point had the whole crowd sitting on the floor, on purpose. Killer show with a great interview that even touches on a little Jesus Christ Superstar.
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» Silvertide Interview

• March 5
Motley Crue

   The reunited group needed no opening act this night. With a long show, including an intermission, it was one after another as Motley Crue ripped through Boston. The sold-out TD Bank North Garden was just wrecked as people were going crazy for the Crue.
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• April 24
Fall Out Boy

   Not many bands had a bigger year than Fall Out Boy did in '05. This not, they just rocked the house and exposed us to a couple of great bands including the Gym Class Heroes. We sat down and talked with Pete Wentz and next thing you know, BOOM they explode. Coincidence? Probably Not.
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» Fall Out Boy Interview

• May 10
Black Crowes

   They reunited and just crushed two nights in Boston at the Orpheum. In a complete screw you to the industry, both shows were long on jam and little on the hits. The band was playing what they wanted to play.

• June 30
Billy Corgan

   We timed this one perfectly. We got their right as Corgan was getting on stage and got some great shots from it. Billy ripped through songs from his solo disc and came back out for a special thanks to the crowd after the show. Classy move.
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• July 26
Ben Harper

   Our first time seeing Ben and was just blown away. He may not move a lot on stage but he took command of the crowd from the first notes. Without a doubt, whenever he is in town, we will be there....not in a stalker way but just enjoying one of the most underrated artists of our time.
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• August 29

   Gavin Rosdale's new band ripped the Paradise. You have to respect what Rosdale is doing. He could have just kept the name Bush and sold out much bigger venues, but by changing the name, Rosdale started a new. The music rocks and it was great hearing the music in such a small intimate setting.
» Institute Photos

• September 8
Bloc Party

   We got a ticket from a friend to this sold out show. To say Bloc Party had a big 2005 is an understatement. The opening act wasn't very good but by the time Bloc Paryt hit the stage people were all jacked up. They sound great live and no doubt good things are in their future.
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• October 11
Antigone Rising

   Rocktober started off big with our Antigone Rising interview and later watching them open for Rob Thomas. The interview was one of our favorites as we sat with Kristen and Cassidy and it was really more just talking about the music than anything else. They always go better when that happens.
» Antigone Rising Interview
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• October 19
Matt Nathanson

   One of our favorite artists and shows just gets better every time we see him. This time around, we saw the first night of a three night run at the Paradise. We talked with Matt before the show about his decision to leave his label as well as everything else going on with him. We can't wait for a new studio disc.
» Matt Nathanson Interview

• December 2

   The Jagermeister Winter music tour rolled into Boston for two sold out nights and it was just insane. You couldn't move inside the Avalon it was so packed. The photos we took came out awesome, which always makes the night go so much better.



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