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   Josh Todd is back. The former lead singer of Buckcherry flirted with joining what became Velvet Revolver but ultimetly answered a trade magazine ad and is back and better thatn ever. With a killer CD and relentless touring, Josh Todd, the band, is cetainly ready to make a name for themselves...again. Even though he has a busy schedule, Josh was cool enough to send over his choices as part of our Artist Mix Series and why he picked each song. Clicking on the links takes you to ITunes, so you can have your own Josh Todd Artist Mix. *songs not available on ITunes.

1. "Small Man Big Mouth"*
This is when I started listening to records and "Out Of Step" is one of my all time favorite punk rock records. The lyrics are great.
Artist: Minor Threat
Album: Minor Threat

2. "Adore"
Prince is the most influential artists in my life thus far and it was so hard just to pick one. This is the song I wind down to after shows.
Artist: Prince
Album: Sign O' The Times

3. "Signed, Sealed, Delivered"
It was a toss up between Stevie and Prince…they're both great. This song I always listen to when I want to get in a good mood. It never fails to bring me out.
Artist: Stevie Wonder
Album: Natural Wonders
Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I'm Yours

4. "100 Miles And Runnin'"
I was born and raised in Southern California and this is the best West Coast rap group that ever lived. I listen to them religiously before every show.
Artist: N.W.A.
Album: 100 Miles and Runnin'
100 Miles and Runnin'

5. "911 Is A Joke"
I related a lot to this song as a youth and this record has so much energy…everyone should own it.
Artist: Public Enemy
Album: Fear of a Black Planet
911 Is a Joke

6. "Mind Of A Lunatic"
These guys walked the walk and never held anything back lyrically and I admire that.
Artist: Geto Boys
Album: Geto Boys

7. "Hell Ain't A Bad Place To Be"
What can I say? The best Rock band ever. Again it was hard to pick one. I have everyone of their records.
Artist: AC/DC
Album: Let There Be Rock

8. "South of Heaven"
I hear this song and I want to drink, and do drugs, and beat somebody's kids and then shoot myself in the skull. I love how that one song can bring out all that, so it had to go on the list.
Artist: Slayer
Album: South of Heaven
South of Heaven

9. "Duality"
I started getting into these guys on the Iowa record. "People Equal Shit" is another great one. I like the way this guy writes lyrics and I think these guys could be the next Metallica if they stay together.
Artist: Slipknot
Album: Vol. 3: The Subliminal Verses

10. "Bullet In The Head"
This band is the most influential rock band in my life outside of AC/DC. I saw them on my very first tour in New York at Roseland Ballroom when I was on tour with my first band, Slamhound, and they blew my mind. I bought all their records after that experience and I love them all. They also were the reason I started reading Henry Miller after seeing a picture of books on a table inside the "Evil Empire" record. Zack is a great front man and Tom Morello is the most underrated guitar player in the business. He's fucking sick.
Artist: Rage Against the Machine
Album: Rage Against the Machine
Bullet in the Head