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 We can't lie....there is nothing better than going and getting to meet and talk with some of the bands that you really enjoy. It is even better when you get the chance to talk with them again. That is what happened recently when we went and were able to see Saliva perform again as part of Locobazooka. With a tremendous new disc, Survival of the Sickest, Saliva is poised to take that next big jump in their career. Give a Listen* as guitarist Chris D talks about recording Survival, capturing the live sound, and touring the country for a living. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

1. After your last CD, you went through some management changes...why?

2. This is the first CD that really captures your live sound...what was the recording process like this time around?

3. Is that process something you think you will continue going forward?

4. Are their any songs on the CD that standout to you more than others?

5. Why make "Sex, Drugs & Rock 'n' Roll a hidden track?

6. How did "Razor's Edge" become the next single of the disc?

7. For us, "Dope Ride" is the one song that defines Saliva live. What are yours?

8. Did you have a big hand in the packaging for the CD?

9. What are your thoughts on downloading and how it is affecting the industry?

10. Having just moved, we definitly see differences in crowds depending on the you see those differences?

11. Are you ever tired of touring, and living life on the road?

I want to thank Chris and Saliva for taking the time to talk with me. It was great getting a chance to chat with him again and see the band live. Saliva is a great band and is killer live. Keep your eye up for when Saliva comes to your town, and be sure to purchase Survival of the Sickest.

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