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 We can't lie....there is nothing better than going and getting to meet and talk with some of the bands that you really enjoy. It is even better when you get the chance to talk with them again. That is what happened recently when we went and were able to see Flickerstick perform again at the Middle East. With a tremendous new disc, Tarantula, Flickerstick is poised to take that next big jump in their career. Give a Listen* as they talk about about Tarantula, playing live, and what happened with Dom leaving the band. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

1. How has the tour been going so far? Is it good to be back on the road?

2. Has the reception been strong so far regarding the new disc, Tarantula?

3. In true Flickerstick fashion, the disc was available for dowload before it came out?

4. Has the setlist been more fluid working in the new songs?

5. The big question on most fans minds is what went on with Dom ;eaving the band and Todd joining?

6. How did "Tennage Dope Fiend" become the single from the disc?

7. How did the deal with ITunes get hooked up for "Teenage Dope Fiend" being the free download for the week?

8. Are their studio versions of "Believe" and "Telling all the World"?

9. How do you go about putting the diaries up on the site?

I want to thank the guys of Flickerstick for taking the time to talk with me. It was great getting a chance to chat with them again and see the band live. Flickerstick is a great band and is killer live. Keep your eye up for when they come to your town, and be sure to purchase Tarantula.

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