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 We recently had a chance to sit down with the guys in Buddahead after their show at the Paradise Lounge. With their debut cd, Crossing the Invisible Line, in stores, it was a perfect chance to sit down and talk about the record and their extensive touring. Give a Listen* as they talk about about Crossing the Invisible Line, touring the country, their favorite CDs of 2004, and replacing Tobey (bass) with a computer. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

1. You have been touring pretty consistently for what two years now, how was all the touring been going?

2. How did the band really come together?

3. Writing and recording Crossing the Invisible Line, took like 18 months, why so long?

4. Did any songs really change once your producer, Don Gilmore, got involved? Was there any apprehension to changing things around?

5. Are you guys writing now?

6. Crossing the Invisible Line will be a part of our Top 50 CDs of 2004. What CDs would make your list?

7. We loved the songs you put together for our Artist Mix Series, why did you pick them?

8. How many times do people ask you about the band name, and how annoying is it?

9.One thing that jumped out of your bio, was that the school you went to in London, had banned pop you have any idea why?

I want to thank the guys of Buddahead for taking the time to talk with me. It was great getting a chance to chat with the guys and catch up with some old friends. We can not wait for the next time that Buddahead comes to Boston. Keep your eye up for when they come to your town, and be sure to purchase Crossing the Invisible Line.

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