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 We recently had a chance to sit down with Walt Lafty and Brian Weaver of Silvertide before their show at the Avalon opening for Alter Bridge. With their debut cd, Show & Tell, in stores, it was a perfect chance to sit down and talk about the record and their extensive touring. Give a Listen* as they talk about about Show & Tell, touring the country, what they learned from starting out in Philadelphia, and their love of Jesus Christ Superstar. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

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1. Not a lot of bands have been coming out of Philadelphia as of late, what did you learn from playing in Philly?

2. You did have a lot of buzz in the city, what made you finally decide to sign with J Records?

3. I read that "Devil's Daughter" is also about the record industry. Where did that cynicism come from at such an early stage in your career?

4. You have been part of a lot of high profile tours (Van Halen, Kid Rock, Shinedown), how have you consistently landed such big tours?

5. Does your approach change when playing an arena as apposed to a club?

6. How did you come to pick "Blue Jeans" as the next single off of Show & Tell?

7. Was the decision to name a song "S.F.C." due to retailers?

8. Another thing I noticed was the advance copy had a different track listing compared to the retail version?

9.What are some of the things that you are listening to?

10.What are some of the things that you listen to that would surprise your fans?

11.Do you care if people come and tape your shows and trade them online?

12.What about the people who are downloading Show & Tell?

13.You brought up Metallica, have you had a chance to see their documentary, Some Kind of Monster?

I want to thank the guys of Silvertide for taking the time to talk with me. It was great getting a chance to chat with the guys and hang out before their show stealing set opening for Alter Bridge. We can not wait for the next time that Silvertide comes to Boston. Keep your eye up for when they come to your town, and be sure to purchase Show & Tell or download it from iTunes.

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