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 We recently had a chance to sit down with Virginia Coalition before their show at the Paradise. With their cd, Ok To Go, in stores, it was a perfect chance to sit down and talk about the record and their extensive touring. Give a Listen* as they talk about about Ok To Go, touring the country, playing pranks on tour, and their part in the tape-trading communtiy. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

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1. How has the reception been and grown as you have toured behind the new disc, Ok To Go?

2. How important has the tape trading community been to your growth as a band?

3. Do you feel that you have been lumped into the Jam Band category because you are a part of the tape trading community?

4. Do you go off of a set setlist or is it something that erally changes show to show?

5. Does it bother you when people are yelling for covers early in the set?

6. How did you come about to re-record some of your older songs for Ok To Go?

7. What are some of the things that you listen to in your downtime?

8. Tell us about some of the pranks that have come about while on tours, there was a story involving Sister Hazel and Dildos?

9.Do you watch and learn from the other bands that you tour with?

10.Was it different recording Ok To Go on the West Coast?

I want to thank the guys of Virginia Coalition for taking the time to talk with me. It was great getting a chance to chat with the guys and hang out before their show at the Paradise. We can not wait for the next time that VACO comes to Boston. Keep your eye up for when they come to your town, and be sure to purchase Ok to Go or download it from iTunes.

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