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 We recently had a chance to sit down with Cassidy & Kristen of Antigone Rising before their opening slot for Rob Thomas. They jetted onto our radar back in 2003 when they were part of the Chris Stremmer benefit in Philadelphia along with Al from .Moe, Rusted Root, and the Dead. Since then, the spotlight on the band has continues to grow and shine brighter, ultimately with them signing to Lava/Atlantic Records. Their major label release, in cooperation with Starbucks, has brought the band to new heights. Give a Listen* as we talk about about their debut CD and why it is a live cd, their image, being part of a major label, and Cassidys being included on an "Sexiest stars you don't know" ESPN poll. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

1. You originally signed to Lava Records and have since been moved to parent company Atlantic. How did that come about?

2. She was just mentioned, so what about some of the fans turning their back on Liz Phair after her last studio CD?

3. Why do some fans want artists to stay the same and not change their sound?

4. Why is your major label debut a live CD and not the traditional studio CD?

5. How did you go about putting older songs onto the disc while leaving others, like Storybook Romance, off?

6. Do you see a lot of situations where interviews tend to be straight from your bio?

7. I have seen a lot of articles and reviews, unfairly comparing you to the Indigo Girls or Sheryl Crow. Why is that?

8. There were fan submissions of questions, many of which asking about being women in rock. Why does that still matter?

9.Have you been changing your setlists on this tour?

10.Do you think you will get used to fans noticing you more as you are more visible in the media?

11.Did the label or anyone advise you to change your image to become more "glamorous?"

12. Will we be hearing a full length studio CD from Antigone Rising soon?

I want to thank Kristen and Cassidy for taking the time to talk with me. Once again, they put on a great set and had the Orpheum crowd rocking. We look forward to when Antigone Rising returns to Boston Keep your eye up for when they come to your town.

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