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 We recently had the honor to sit down with one of the artists who influenced us to the point where this site could be possible, Corey Glover, lead singer of Living Colour. Vivid broke onto the scene way back in 1988 and immediatly struck a chord with their socially conscious music. They broke up but regrouped back in for 2003's Collide°scope. Before their show at a jam packed Paradise in Boston, we had the chance to sit down with Corey and it really was an honor. Give a Listen* as we talk about all kinds of things including the state of the music industry, the ever changing business of music, and mostly the experiences that music provides. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

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1. How is it touring behind Collide°scope, two years after its release? Listen

2. You are currently writing for a new Living Colour studio disc, will it also go through Sanctuary Records? Listen

3. The business of music is certainly changing to new media outlets and ways to distribute. How does that affect the band? Listen

4. You have a MySpace profile. How often are you on and is that direct connect with the fans a good thing? Listen

5. I was reading that the record labels and Apple have been battling over download prices. As an artist how important is it that everything is equally priced? Listen

6. Last time I saw you in Boston was with Public Enemy. You recorded that show via Instant Live, where fans were able to purchase (that day) CDs that featured the set that you had just played. (Purchase Here) Is that something that you are looking to do more since, on the Internet, it seems that music fans have been more interested in the "experience" of music.Listen

7. You have a live DVD coming soon. Will it be an overall story of the band with live and backstage? Listen

8. I was listening to Collide°scope today for the first time in a while and am always swept away by "Flying." The imagery in the song just takes me back to 9/11. Listen

9. Every time I am out and there is a cover band, at some point in the night I hear one of your songs. Whats that experience like for you? Listen

10. You were in Platoon and I recently saw you had done a movie called American Reunion. Can you tell us about it? Listen

11. Can we expect a follow up to your solo disc Hymns? Listen

12. What are you listening to? Listen

I want to thank Corey for taking the time to talk with me. The story he told about his Mick Jagger made mix tape was awesome and I really enjoyed talking with him. By far this was such an enjoyable conversation that we had. We look forward to when Corey & Living Colour comes back, and can't wait for the next CD.

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