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 We recently had the pleasure to get on the phone with one of our all-time favorite artists, G Love or G Love & Special Sauce. G Love's 7th CD, Lemonade, just dropped and it is one of the bands strongest releases to date. Give a Listen* as we talk about Lemonade, working with Jasper, the Electric Factory, as well as branching out. *Windows Media Player 9 is needed to listen to this interview.

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1. How has the reception been so far on tour to the songs from Lemonade? Listen

2. How did you choose "Hot Cookin'" to be the first single from the disc? Listen

3. You brought back Jasper on "Thanks and Praise", what was it like working with him again? Listen

4. Was it hard to leave songs like "Droppin Bombs" off the disc for use as a b-side, or for use on a bonus disc? Listen

5. Are all the various outlets to get your music out the biggest change you have seen in the music industry in your career? Listen

6. Now your disc did leak to the Internet before it came out, is that the biggest challenge still facing the industry? Listen

7. Will songs like "Long Way Down," "Procrastinate," and "Soft and Sweet" ever see the light of day on an official release? Listen

8. You mention that you can't find the handle on some of those great live songs, any chance off getting an official G Love & Special Sauce live CD? Listen

9. The fans are loving the acoustic radio performance that you are streaming on your site. Any chance you would strip it back for an unplugged style disc? Listen

10. How was it working with the Dirty Dozen Brass Band on their new release? Listen

11. You recently had a part in a movie, Rigged, Tell me about the movie and will we be seeing you acting more in the future? Listen

I want to thank G Love for taking the time to call in and chat with me again. He is one of the best live shows around and someone who just keeps getting better and better with every release. We look forward to when G Love & Special Sauce come back to Boston in November!

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