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1. Soldiers of Misfortune
2. Hey Man, Nice Shot
3. Kill The Day

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Filter - Anthems for the Damned (Bonus Track Version)

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 We recently had the pleasure to talk with Richard Patrick, lead singer of the recently resurrected Filter. After coming off the road with Army of Anyone, the super-group that Patrick formed with the Dean and Robert DeLeo (STP), Patrick started writing what would eventually becoming Anthems for the Damned. Listen as we talk about Anthems for the Damned, Soldiers of Misfortune, and the state of rock music and more.

1. After coming off the road with Army of Anyone, when did it become clear that you were writing a new Filter CD, and not a 2nd Army of Anyone CD?

2. Why release the CD yourself, instead of signing with a major label?

3. Anthems for the Damned speaks to so many different people since its not the usual dumb rock. Was that part of your maturing process?

4. "Soldiers of Misfortune" seems to point out the hypocracy that you can be anti-war but not anti-troops

5. Anthems for the Damned has such great highs and lows to it. It defintly seems to take the listener on an eclictic ride.

6. Getting clean seems to have strengthened your voice. Anthems for the Damned features some of your strongest vocal performances.

7. How is your setlist going to be changing as this tour continues? Are you going to be working in more songs from Anthems for the Damned?

8. Are you looking forward to coming back to play the WBCN River Rave, on June 1st?

I want to thank Richard for taking the to talk. We look forward to seeing Filter back on the stage June 1st at the Tweeter Center in Mansfield, MA as part of the WBCN River Rave.

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