Episode 52: Chris Jericho, Fozzy
On the heels of the release of their latest Sin and Bones, we sit down with Chris Jericho, lead singer of Fozzy. Fozzy is curently on the road as part of the Uproar Festival. Listen as we talk about Sin and Bones, song writing and more.

Episode 51: Josh Todd, Buckcherry
We recently had the pleasure to talk with Josh Todd, lead singer of Buckcherry. Buckcherry have proven to be road warriors since the release of . Listen as we talk about Black Butterfly, Billy Squire, extensive touring and more.

Episode 50: Richard Patrick, Filter
After coming off the road with Army of Anyone, Richard Patrick decided it was time to reform Filter. Patrick started writing what would eventually becoming Anthems for the Damned. Listen as we talk about Anthems for the Damned, Soldiers of Misfortune, and the state of rock music and more.

Episode 49: Matt Nathanson
We sit down with an favorite, Matt Nathanson. Matt was in town for a show at the Roxy in support of his new CD, Some Mad Hope. Some Mad Hope is Nathanson's sixth studio CD, and first since 2003's Beneath These Fireworks, and is lead by the strong single "Car Crash." Listen as we talk about Some Mad Hope, recording with his touring band, redoing older songs, and more.

Episode 48: Miles Doughty & C-Money, Slightly Stoopid
Before their show at the Bank of America Pavilion, we sit down with Miles Doughty (Guitar, Bass, Vocals) and C-Money (Trumpet and Keyboards) of Slightly Stoopid. Part of the Summer Haze tour, Slightly Stoopid is currently on the road with Ozomatli and G Love & Special Sauce. Listen as we talk about Chronchitis, the Summer Haze Tour, Chronchitis, as well as frustrations of being an independent band.

Episode 47: Matt Noveskey & CB Hudson, Blue October
Before their show at the Avalon, we sit down with Matt Noveskey and CB Hudson, the dynamic bassist and guitarist of Blue October. Enjoying the greatest success of their career, Blue October took radio by storm in 2006 and show no signs of slowing down in 2007. Listen as we talk about about achieving success, what it was about "Hate Me" that spoke to so many listeneres, as well as Matt Novesky's return to the band.

Episode 46: Dean DeLeo, Army of Anyone/Stone Temple Pilots
On the road for the first time, Army of Anyone brought together 2 forces in rock music as Richard Patrick joined forces with Stone Temple Pilots. Before their show at the Paradise Rock Club, we sit down with Dean DeLeo, the dynamic guitarist from Stone Temple Pilots. Listen as we talk about the birth of Army of Anyone, their debut CD Army of Anyone, as well as the growing importance of digital music.

Episode 45: Robert Randolph
Not many bands have proven to be road warriors like Robert Randolph & The Family Band. Playing countless dates, the band has won over ever crowd with their blend of rock, soul, funk, and gospel sounds. Before their show at the Roxy, we sit down with pedal steel wizard, Robert Randolph. Listen as we talk about about Colorblind, "The Thrill of It", as well as building a career.

Episode 18: Blue October
Blue October has been through a lot as a band already. Having won critical acclaim for their major label debut, 2000's Consent to Treatment, the band was rewarded by being dropped by Universal. After licking their wounds, the band did what it knows and recorded a kick ass independent follow-up. After getting attention from labels, it was Universal who was back to release 2003's History for Sale. Before their show in Philadelphia, the whole band sits down to talk about re-signing with a major label that had already dropped them, being honest with your music, and skeletons in the closet.

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